A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This game is an entry to the Digital Art Jam, hosted by the Centre Pompidou and the CNAM-Enjmin, as part of the Creative Code Festival.

Inspired by modern art and its relation to code, this game allows players to express themselves with digital tools. It uses the Arbalet (customizable Arduino-based LED table) as a luminous frame on the wall, on which the player draws colours. The traditional painter's palette is replaced with RVB/CMY colour sources that the player needs to hit to get paint on his brush.

In the frame of the Digital Art Jam, we imagined it as an experience which takes its full meaning set up in an art gallery or a museum, where passing visitors can either play or watch. Placed among regular museum works, this interactive LED panel could be a delightful moment of creation during an enlightening visit. That said, the game has its place everywhere, you can have a go at digital painting on your homemade Arbalet table, with or without friends!

Simply use the keyboard arrows to move around the painting, hitting sources and getting speed and momentum as you go.

Create dynamic, rhythm, motives of various colours, in total control or with the help of the creative Python code...

When you are finished creating, hit the escape key to get your work of pixel-art as a .bmp.

A game made in 48h by :

Pauline Devolle - Game Design

Jonas Dutouquet - Game Design, Sound Design

Arthur Villeneuve - Programming

Cécile Balsier - Programming

Install instructions

You don't need the Arbalet table to play, the download contains an emulated version of the game. Just launch the Digital_painting_on_LED_panel.exe if you are on Windows.

It's Python, so it can also work on other platforms, but you have to set it up.

git link


Digital Painting On LED Panel.zip 16 MB

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